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Our Team




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Pamela Bright-Moon


Along with a 32 year career in Broadcast Television as a Technician and Broadcast Engineer, Pamela Bright-Moon has produced two feature length documentaries and four short films. Through her production company, With Grace Productions, Inc., Pamela creates content for corporate, non-profit, and government clients alike.

Alisa Covington


Alisa Bass Covington is involved in identifying, developing, structuring and producing independent film and television projects for niche audiences.  She is currently at DD Productions, working with her partner Donna Dubrow on several spec projects.  Alisa has been involved in television and film production for over 30 years, having worked at CBS Television City, Embassy Productions and Nelson Entertainment.

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Joy Atkinson

Consulting Producer

Joy Atkinson is the Executive Director of the Los Angeles African American Women's Public Policy Institute, (LAAAWPPI). A long time Political Communications Consultant, and a staffer for former CA State Assemblymember Gwen Moore, Joy has worked on community outreach and public relations on numerous campaigns and public events.

Consulting Producer

Our Team

Log Linee

In the state of California, Black women have battled race and gender barriers in pursuit of equality and political power, for the past 170 years.  Respect My Crown: The Rise of African American Women in California Politics, reveals the sacrifices and contributions these women made to become leading voices in politics, community activism, organized labor and the judicial system.

Film Synoposis

Respect My Crown: The Rise of African American Women in California Politics is a feature length documentary film, which explores the significant contributions of African American women in leadership in the areas of politics, labor, and community activism in the State of California.  Although California is currently known for being a liberal state that has not always been its history. 

Our documentary explores the rise of Black women in California politics and the road they paved to achieve success. Our story unfolds to show the obstacles, the challenges, the ambition and aspirations of the women achievers over the decades to our current day leadership envisioned through the lives of living and deceased Black female elected officials, their counterparts in Labor organizations and in the “Mothers” of the Community who are on parallel journeys. The film highlights their courage, sacrifices, and achievements for the betterment of their communities, cities and throughout the state of California as a whole.

Immersed in the films timeline is the backdrop of the existential circumstances of the day. Each decade in the last sixty years has had its own set of challenges, wars, poverty, racial uprisings, presenting each bill, each vote, each march, each decision with its own set of residual fallout which could affect the communities they represent for years to come. California has sent more women of color to the House and Senate than any other state.  Respect My Crown intends to show the role of intersectionality in politics and public service in the state of California. The film serves an an archival project of the  Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political and Economic Institute (MDAAPEI), a non-partisan public policy center, and serves as a study of Black Women in politics for the California Black Women's Collective Empowerment Institute,  a 501C3 non-profit organization, which focuses on improving the lives of Black Women and Girls throughout the state. Both Think Tanks are housed on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills. 

The 85 minute film includes interviews from 34 remarkable women who are leaders in their fields. 

Respect My Crown Trailer


Gallery of Cast Members Interviewed


Many Thanks to our Funders for supporting this film

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Our Fiscal Sponsor: 

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Platinum Level - $100,000 and up

Platinum Level Sponsors will receive the following:
•    “Co-Production of” Film Credit
•    Invitation to all movie premieres and events associated with the film and will be recognized          at the opening film premiere
•    Opportunity for a private screening
•    Sponsors logo or name visible on all film marketing materials

Gold Level - $50,00 to $99,000

Gold Level Sponsors will receive the following:
•   “In Association With” Film Credit
•    Invitation to film events and premiers
•    Opportunity for a private screening
•    Sponsors logo or name visible at California Film Events

Silver Level - $25,000 to $49,999

Silver Level Sponsors will receive the following:
•    “Contributing Producer” Film Credit
•    Invitation to one or more film events
•    Opportunity for private screening
•    Will be listed as a patron of the film on marketing materials

Bronze Level Sponsors - $10,000 to $24,999

Bronze Level Sponsors will receive the following:
•    “This film was made possible with the support of” Film Credit
•    Name or company logo visible on marketing materials
•    Invitation to screening


First Tier Donor Level - $5,000 to $9,999

•    “Additional Funding By” Film Credit
•    Invitation to screening


For Screening opportunities contact

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